The story of Johnnie Walker begins, of course, with the man who gave this whisky its name. John Walker’s father passes away in 1819. A tough start for a country boy, but John always had something special. The sparkle in his eyes, fire in his gut, energy in every step he took. When John passed away in 1857, after a full and prosperous life, he left his son Alexander a very strong business. Alexander knew how to recognise a golden opportunity when it arose. In 1867, he launched the first commercial Johnnie Walker blend and called it Old Highland Whisky. Soon after, Alexander began using the famous square bottle to reduce breakage and ensure his whisky arrived intact at its destination. By 1920, Johnnie Walker whisky was present in 120 countries. In the century, it became part of global culture: immortalised by music writers and film producers, idolised by socialites and stars, appreciated by statesmen, it went shoulder to shoulder with great sportsmen, men and women of the time.

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